40 CFR Part 86, Subpart E Emission Standards and Certification Requirements
40 CFR Part 86, Subpart F Chassis Exhaust Emission Testing Procedures
40 CFR part 1051 Evaporative Emission Standards and Test Procedures

·           EPA and CARB Certification Testing

.         TP-933 Testing ( CARB Off Road Evap Test )
·         Exhaust emissions testing with HC, CO, NOx, CO2, N2O, and NMHC (CH4)  emission measurements and fuel                    economy
·         Evaporative emissions (SHED) testing
·         Service accumulation (durability) conducted in accordance with 40 CFR Part 86. Subpart F
·         Confirmatory testing
·         Production Line testing (PLT)
·         Product Development/Proof testing/R&D testing

.         Certification strategy over multiple model years

.         Application preparation,  and submission

.         Agency negotiations, and regulation interpretation

.         Validation testing,  during certification emissions and durability tests

.         Shift schedule determinations

.         Durability testing 

.         Certification management

.         Labeling design and approval

.         Post certification support, audits, in-use compliance, running change management

.         Alternative Durability development

.         Carry-over and carry-across certification management





Our experienced testing department will keep your vehicle in top condition. We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. Our technicians are highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all: they love motorcycles and care about yours.

Tovatt Group's office is located in close proximity to the California Air Resources Board in El Monte, California making us the best choice for your certification project.Tovatt Group has long-standing working relationships with both EPA and CARB certification staff and can interact on behalf of our customers or provide guidance as needed.

Tovatt Eng. is ready to conduct your mileage accumulation test program. As a full service independent motorcycle lab, Tovatt Eng. has the experience and resources to provide the service you need: drivers; maintenance; emissions testing; engineering analysis. emission testing desert testing



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Tovatt Engineering emission testing

Our staff has over 50 years of combined environmental and laboratory testing experience. We provide the capabilities for advanced research, engineering and testing of vehicles.


​​Tovatt Eng is currently constructing its desert test center located in med west Arizona. Emission testing as well as dessert access will be a major part of the new lab. 

​We are regulatory compliance specialists. Are you manufacturing or selling a product with an engine, there are probably Federal and California emissions regulations applicable to your vehicle. We have been helping our clients comply with these constantly evolving regulations for 18 years.



Durability Requirements. Certification of a motorcycle evaporative emission control system requires that the manufacturer demonstrate the durability of each evaporative emission control system family. TP-933 TEST is now up and running.